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NFT Creator Glyph Sputnik

Updated: May 17, 2022

April 30, 2022 | NFT Creator of SeeME

Willis "Glyph Sputnik" Price is a Chicago based Creative Director and Professional Graphic Designer in the mediums of high end fashion, comics, and animation. He is best known for the creation of his unique urban contemporary stylized characters as depicted on the Wu-Tang’s “The Saga Continues…” album cover.

Glyph is an avid Gamer, Hip Hop aficionado, Anime lover, and Martial Artist; you can see the collective influence of these genres in his work. By integrating all these domains, his Art reflects a unique amalgamation of his knowledge thrown in a pot and simmered into a delicious hue of his rainbow and expression of the human experience, specifically his own.

As a Neuro-divergent (Schizophrenia), Glyph has had his trials and tribulations, he credits his art, sense of humor, faith and family as the critical components that galvanizes his superpower. Diagnosed at the age 24; he recalled his fear of such a big scary word-Schizophrenia. He was able to construct what that word truly means by drawing on social media and other dynamic outlets.

Worrying and fearing that he could hurt someone, Glyph took the most important step in understanding his "superpower" knowledge construction.

He dove into what happened to his brain and what steps he could take to mitigate episodes. By gaining a scientific understanding and seeking positive role models who shared his experiences, he has transmuted his perception of what it means to be a Neuro-divergent. His art reflects the joy and vibrant colors of his mind. Learn More about Glyph on Mistress Money Podcast.

Learn More about Glyph on Mistress Money Podcast.

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